6 Door Sedan

Armored Mercedes S
Armored Mercedes S
November 21, 2016
Tesla S 2 door Convertible
Tesla S 2 door Convertible
November 21, 2016
6 Door Sedan

Newport Convertible Engineering will Design and Engineer your 4 door Sedan to a 6 door Sedan.


        6 Door Sedan

In the past year we’ve seen the 6 door Sedan Audi, Mercedes, Cadillac and Nissan Patrol from Newport Convertible Engineering.
NCE 6 door Sedan lines have been very popular choice among the elites.
The 6 door Sedan can carry up to six. Uniquely, has six doors so that each of the occupants can hop in and out gracefully.

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All seats face the direction of travel and come lined in extra-supple Valcona leather.
The first two rows feature electrically adjustable individual seats while in the third row there is a continuous center console
with some included amenities.
For example, those sitting up back enjoy an entertainment package and a cool box.
Development has been taken almost a year.
The main challenge, according to NCE, was ensuring safety and rigidity was comparable with the shorter-wheelbase models.
Modifications to the 6 door Sedan space frame architecture include thicker side sills, extruded metal
sections for the center tunnel, additional metal tubes and cross-braces for the roof, and a double
rear bulkhead separating the passenger and luggage compartments.
The modifications mean the weight of the car has been increased but incredibly this is still
lighter than the curb weight of the G90 from Hyundai’s new Genesis luxury brand.


Despite its gargantuan size and somewhat ordinary engine, the car still manages to accelerate properly.
If you’re interested, Newport Convertible Engineering will built you a 6 door Sedan . Cadillac’s distinctive
styling is evident in the 6 door Sedan by NCE.Clients will travel in comfort with the powerful
and efficient FWD 3.6L V6 engine under the hood, while luxurious interior features and leather-appointed
seating comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers and a driver.
The 6 door, available through Newport Convertible Engineering, redefines passenger comfort and optimized suspension
and ride control systems for a quiet and smooth riding environment.

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