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Newport Convertible Engineering-NCE will Design and Engineer your 4 Door BMW X6  to a 4 door BMW X6 Convertible!

BMW X6 Convertible


    BMW X6 Convertible

Laid-back look, compact proportions – the first-ever BMW X6 Series Convertible. Its extroverted design language with short overhangs, powerful contours and a muscular rear reflect its self-confident nature. Luxury Line, Sport Line and the Sport package as well as a comprehensive range of Original BMW Accessories further intensify the vehicle’s character. The BMW X6 Series Convertible follows nobody; it strikes out on its own. And the BMW X6 Convertible is even more impulsive. With its Performance, it unleashes the dashing side of the BMW X6 Series Convertible and not only speeds up the air stream, but also takes driving pleasure to a whole new level.
With its top closed or open, the BMW X6 Series Convertible prepares to take the world by storm. It has eye-catchers such as the innovative Air Breather aerodynamic elements. A low center of gravity, an optimum axle load distribution and the sensation of sporting agility. At the front, your eye is drawn to the optional Adaptive LED Headlights with high-beam assistant, ideal for seeing and being seen in all weather conditions. State-of-the-art technologies from BMW Connected Drive and an interior perfectly tailored to the driver’s needs make for a superbly comfortable drive and enhance the unique driving experience in the BMW X6 Series Convertible.
Open for maximum intensity. The BMW X6 Series Convertible ensures the most direct connection between adrenaline-filled high performance and all-out driving pleasure. While the engine provides uninterrupted boost right up to the limits with the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the Active Differential, the Adaptive suspension or Servotronic allow for powerful, precision driving. It’s an experience that remains unrivaled, not only with the top down. It catapults driving fascination to a whole new level.


BMW x6 Convertibles – Everything You Want in a Car

When it comes to buying a high-end luxury vehicle, you want more than just status – you want it all. It’s not enough to have a convertible that only looks great; you want one that will fulfill your every need and desire for the ultimate driving experience. Fortunately, some cars have a reputation for “having it all” and providing drivers with that quintessential convertible feel – and BMW makes them.


The BMW x6 convertible is a monster in disguise. If you are looking for luxury, speed, and open-air motoring, then this car is for you. Generally speaking luxury coupes and convertibles put looks and performance first. They stand for being flashy and fast. Beyond that, more importantly, luxury coupes also are an extension of their driver’s ability. A lot of people felt that the six series BMW was more computer oriented than driver oriented. With that said, BMW came up with a solution. The x6 is that solution.
The x6 is one part symphony and one part adrenaline rush. With one push of a button along the x6 console, the folding roof stores neatly in the trunk. By pressing the fabled M button, turning the traction control off, raising the shifting meter to level 6 and holding the left paddle shifter for 10 seconds, you can engage the BMW’s x6 launch code. Yes, this vehicle has a start system as if it were a space shuttle. You will think you are an astronaut after you punch the pedal to the floor. The tires will begin to smoke as they beg the pavement for grip. Once those tires catch the pavement, the car will rip forward violently. Any driver will have to hold on and maintain firm control of the car because all 500 horses are being thrown at the rear wheel. Almost as soon as the car takes off a driver will have to shift to second gear and within a few ticks third gear. Launch code sometimes causes the car to veer coming off the line, so a driver has to be ready to settle the vehicle back down under control.


Some people complain about the shifting woes of the SMG gearbox. Other complaints are how sick the BMW x6 convertible is off the line. Maybe so, but let’s see any other car fly through sharp turns at 80+ mph. The devil is in the details. The handling of the BMW x6 is tremendous, to say the least.
In steady traffic, the car can weave in an out like it sewing a quilt. It does that without the M button engaged. To tell the truth, the M button isn’t even necessary in x6. 500 hp is Lambo and Ferrari speed. Although I must note as well, it does surprise a Lamborghini or Ferrari driver that a BMW can keep pace with their car. But that is the reason that the x6 is so highly respected. Test drive an x6 or rent one. Take it out to Pacific Coast Highway as it stretches through Laguna Beach, CA. Watch how other people in top end super cars respect you as well. It is a super bargain car, to say the least.
One of the great things about the x6 is it’s styling. Gone are the square mirrors that are present on a typical six series BMW. The x6 has curvaceous, ovular mirrors which, besides looking better are more aerodynamic. The x6 has a full body kit and a great quad exhaust. Plus the x6 badge is emblazoned on the front fenders of the vehicle. The front air scoops devour air to keep the engine as well as the brakes from overheating.


The x6 is mounted with radar for its parking assist function. One of the features of the x6 is the soft close doors. They come in handy when you are in a rush. The navigation with real-time traffic is a must. Besides, if you aren’t that familiar with the area that you are in, the x6 can configure an alternate route for you. The x6 comes with a DVD that has nearly every restaurant, gas station, movie theater, museum, or anything else you could want to be stored for easy access from the navigation function. That’s especially helpful when you are looking for gas in an unfamiliar area. If you know anything about 500 horsepower sports car, then you are quite familiar with looking for gas. The x6 has a 17-gallon tank, and it gets about 14 miles to the gallon between highway and street mileage. A lot of that also depends on your driving habits as well.
You can sync your Bluetooth-enabled phone with the x6. You can answer and end calls from either the steering wheel or the I-drive control knob. The lack of a front loading disc changer sucks, but you can’t have everything, Heated seats are perfect for the winter time. The convertible also has a rear window which will raise and lower independently with the touch of a button. I-drive manages your phone book, audio, navigation and climate control all in one. You can also administer the climate control from their manual knobs on the dashboard. All windows within the convertible can be dropped with the push of two buttons. The heads-up display within the x6 is helpful, to say the least. It tells you speed, current gear setting, as well as directions to where you are going if you have the navigation enabled. The x6 is advanced technologically, and performance wise far beyond it’s $100,000 price tag.


BMW convertibles, particularly the x6 and the entire six series, have established themselves as some of the best German-made roadsters money can buy. What does BMW x6 convertible have to offer? Here’s a breakdown of their most notable qualities:

  1. Unbridled speed. Let’s face it: Speed is part of the reason why you want a convertible in the first place – and why you choose a BMW. There is nothing quite like the feeling of zipping down the highway with the top down and the wind in your hair, and you need a convertible that can go as fast as you want it to without worry. BMW X6 have superior engines and plenty of horsepower to make all of your speed demon dreams come true.
  2. Excellent handling. A car that goes fast but is hard to control is a recipe for disaster, but you’ll never have to worry about that with a convertible BMW x6. These cars are known for their superior handling capabilities, allowing you to maneuver both deftly and efficiently. Great handling also means increased safety, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.
  3. Unparalleled comfort. Convertibles are undeniably cool, but they’re not always the most comfortable cars in the world. When you buy a BMW x6, however, you can count on comfort as part of the package. Their roadsters are more than just high-performance driving machines; they’re also a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery, whether you’re the driver or a passenger.

Clearly, when you want a convertible that has it all, there is only one place to turn: BMW x6 convertible. Whether your priorities are looks, speed, handling, comfort or even status, they’ve got you covered. Why settle for a lesser convertible when you can buy the car of your dreams? BMW x6 convertible has the qualities you demand and a name you can trust.

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