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June 1, 2012
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July 2, 2012

To assure long-term durability, the convertible top at NCE undergoes extensive testing during development, being opened and closed more than 9500 times. Some of those cycles were performed in extreme conditions; temperatures ranging from minus -22° F to 170° F and humidity of up to 95 per cent. And an eight-minute water test consist of almost 7200 gallons of water are hurled at the car in a hurricane-like downpour at a pace of about 900 gallons per minute.
Every NCE Convertible undergoes a water test as it completes assembly.
Addressing another aspect of interior comfort, NCE’s Convertible three-layer top includes liner made of 3/4? foam sandwiched between a German twil weave cloth (topping made using polyester/acrylic blend surface cloth laminated with butyl rubber) outer fabric and an inner reinforcing cotton layer.
Engineers use a sophisticated human-ear mimicking device called the Aachen Head to measure noise levels. NCE’s Convertible achieves a better interior quietness acoustical rating than most other convertible in interior quietness.
For many of our clintes, NCE’s Convertible can be a collector car, something they might keep for generations. So we made sure the tops would retain their quality for a long time.

NCE is your resource to help validate designs and prove test components.
Test miles can be accumulated independently-operated test facilities, as well as on public roads surrounding NCE (The Center). Driving cycles can be duplicated or developed across the country for all terrains and climates.
NCE offers 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week operation for fast, safe accumulation of test miles…1,200 miles a day…72,000 miles in less than two months.

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