Hummer H2 Convertible

Hummer H3 Convertible
Hummer H3 Convertible
October 19, 2016
Cayenne Convertible
Cayenne Convertible
October 21, 2016
Hummer H2 Convertible

Newport Convertible Engineering – NCE will Design and Engineer your Hummer H2 to a Hummer H2 Convertible!
Mighty Hummer H2 Convertible by NCE.
Hummer H2 ConvertibleHummer H2 Convertible Specification And Features:

ABS brakes automatically sense when a tire has stopped rotating under extreme braking, and will modulate the brake pressure to allow the tire to rotate. This increases the vehicles ability to turn while braking.
Front-impact airbags for the driver and passenger (cancellable passenger) have been designed to protect the head during a frontal crash.
The vehicle is equipped with a means of anticipating and/or detecting unwanted vehicle intrusion. The vehicle is equipped with an ignition disable device that will prevent the engine from starting if the correct original manufacturer key is not used.
The Hummer H2 was produced from 2003-’09. It unmistakably aped its bigger H1 brother’s styling, though nearly all of its hardware came from other GM truck products. There was also a model known as the H2 SUT introduced for 2005, which replaced the cargo area with a truncated pickup-style bed. It was equipped similarly to the regular H2.
Originally powered by a 6.0-liter V8 good for 316 horsepower and 360 pound-feet of torque and coupled to a four-speed automatic transmission, the H2 was upgraded to a 6.2-liter 393-hp V8 and a six-speed automatic transmission for 2008. As such, these are the pick of the litter given the Hummer’s inherent weight.
Power was directed to the truck’s meaty tires through a full-time dual-range transfer case. Advanced features included a driver-selectable rear differential locker and a drive-by-wire throttle setup that changed sensitivity when low-range gearing was selected.
Limited changes over its first few years included the arrival of an optional DVD-based navigation system in 2005, though the in-car electronics of early Hummers will feel quite antiquated today. Aside from the powertrain upgrades for ’08, Hummer addressed the criticism that the H2’s original cabin was poorly made and not befitting a vehicle with its price tag. The revamped cabin debuted with new seats, a redesigned dash and better materials, switchgear and electronics interfaces. Model year ’09 saw the arrival of optional second-row captain’s chairs and a new third-row-seat storage option that freed up more interior space.

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  • h2-bl1-1100
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