Jaguar XJL Convertible

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Tesla Model S coupe
November 22, 2016
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Jaguar XJL Convertible

Newport Convertible Engineering – NCE will make your 4 door Jaguar XJL to a 4 door Jaguar XJL Convertible.
Experience a 4 door Jaguar XJL Convertible by NCE Custom Convertible !

Jaguar XJL Convertible


Jaguar XJL Convertible

Driving the 2011 NCE Jaguar XJL Convertible Sedan Roominess in a Convertible Package
By Patrick Paternie, Contributor Odds are the person who coined the phrase “relegated to the backseat” spent more than a
few miles riding in the back of a convertible. It’s often a miserable place thanks to incessant wind, constant noise and
typically cramped quarters.
Then there’s the backseat of Newport Convertible Engineering’s (NCE) Jaguar XJ convertible – custom Convertible . It’s still wind-blown,
but in this convertible there’s plenty of room to stretch out. An Interesting Perspective
The view improves dramatically from the side. Newport’s Al Zadeh definitely got his sums right with the secret formula
he has devised over the years to make the top sit as low as possible without interfering with its ease of operation.


Zadeh fabricated an aluminum header to allow the top to mate seamlessly with the stock windshield frame.
From there, a gentle arch maintains headroom as the top flows smoothly into the car’s rear flanks.
Top down, the side view remains pretty sleek, marred somewhat by the protrusion of the B-pillars and attendant roll bar.
Even if you were willing to sacrifice safety for appearance’s sake, the B-pillars are still a necessity because they carry the
tracks for the power windows.
Given the pedigree of our ride, we chose to cruise along some of Orange County’s most affluent waterfront communities to
assess the Jag’s impression on the area’s automotive fashionistas. The car drew admiring looks and comments. What
surprised us, however, was that almost no one recognized it as a Jaguar. Most thought it was a concept car.

Cruising Vessel
And what was it like to drive? About how you would think a Jaguar XJL with a convertible top would drive.
On rough surfaces, there was some vibration transmitted through the steering column but no cowl shake, top up or down.
When raised, the top structure exhibited some shake when we passed over larger bumps. Overall the ride was smooth and quiet with no creaks, groans or wind whistling.


Zadeh considered its conversion the biggest challenge of his nearly 30-year career. Thanks to the unchanged rear doors and the
abundant legroom, getting in and out was a breeze. Headroom is not compromised at all with the top raised either. It features three-layer construction that consists of a soft suede headliner, foam insulation and an exterior covering of German canvas.
Lower the top and the experience feels absolutely regal. Just settle back and cruise elegantly along as the rest of the world rolls past.
From the backseat, the XJL provides one of the best convertible rides on the planet.The 99 Percent Solution
“My objective was to keep the car as original as possible,” Zadeh had told us.
“Ninety-nine percent of the cars need some alteration of the rear seats; not on this car, it is all intact,” he declared.
Most of the trunk is intact as well, leaving a generous amount of space even when the top is lowered.
Because of the Jaguar’s unique aerospace-style construction of bonded and riveted aluminum, Zadeh considered its
conversion the biggest challenge of his nearly 30-year career. He used aluminum sheeting and tubing to build up a box
frame that runs along the rocker panels to maintain stiffness after removing the car’s huge panoramic roof.


At the rear he added an aluminum platform that bolts into the trunk to support the base of the top along with its operating
hardware and hydraulics. And of course the big roll bar that lines up with the B-pillars. According to Newport custom Convertible , the
convertible conversion weighs a mere 40 pounds more than the stock sedan.

Chauffeur Not Included
To enjoy it fully, though, you should also consider a driver. It’s the only way to fully appreciate how enjoyable it is to
ride in the backseat of this convertible. Yeah, there’s still some wind and considerable noise, but you can’t match the view.
Newport Convertible Engineering provided Edmunds this vehicle for the purposes of evaluation.
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