Mercedes CL Convertible

Vanquish Convertible
Vanquish Convertible
November 6, 2016
Ferrari Testarossa Convertible
Ferrari Testarossa Convertible
November 8, 2016
Mercedes CL Convertible

Newport Convertible Engineering – NCE will Design & Engineer your 2 door Mercedes Benz CL to a Mercedes CL Convertible.
NCE’s custom convertible, Mercedes CL Convertible.Mercedes CL Convertible

Mercedes CL Convertible

Whacking the roof off a vehicle is easy – all it takes is the will and a cutting torch.
Making a decent convertible out of a
machine that wasn’t originally designed to be one is a far more daunting task.
Al Zadeh has been guillotining roofs off everything from VWs to Ferraris over the past
30 years at his NCE in California.
Some of his conversions are naturals (the Mercedes CL convertible), and some surprisingly attractive
(a Chevy Monte Carlo).
Making a convertible of the Mercedes CL, which is naturally so well-suited to a conversion.
Zadeh has done similar projects dozens of times – it was engineering a top that was aesthetically leasing.
NCE’s Mercedes CL convertible is a cohesive design. Top up, the roof line matches as unaltered CL.
Top down, looks pleasant.The fully lined top is built in-house by NCE by sewing
German-made canvas to a steel frame.


Top up, visibility is comparable to stock. When down, the top stacks behind a back seat.
The NCE-added reinforcing structure between the rear wheel wells.
And NCE does warrant its work to match Mercedes’s coverage that continues to apply to the rest of the vehicle.
NCE reinforces the Mercedes CL convertible’s structure with box-steel ladder like structures along each rocker,
tied together with welded cross members. Therefore, no changes to the suspension or drive train are required.
A seven-speed automatic shifting, acceleration is great and almost no different from stock.

Top up, it’s tight and quiet.
Other Mercedes convertible Cowl shake is at about levels – the NCE’s Mercedes CL convertible is composed over
bumps and railroad tracks. Steering response, suspension compliance, and braking all seem
unaffected by the conversion.
It’s a novelty and great aftermarket convertible. But whereas Lexus will sell thousands of
Lexus convertible,  and although a Lexus convertible gets no attention at all, a convertible
Mercedes CL convertible attracts crowds.

Newport Convertible Engineering was first US coach builder that designed, engineered and distributed limited Mercedes Benz CL Convertibles throughout the world..
NCE will Design & Engineer your Mercedes Benz CL to Power top convrtible, NCE EDITION.

Newport convertible Engineering is an original design manufacturer(ODM) that designs and manufactures convertible tops on all brands of automobiles, NCE also  has been recognized for their original top designs on many Mercedes Benz convertibles.


Topless Transformation: Mercedes-Benz CL loses its head

With every passing year, there seems to be more convertibles on the market. But if you live in a sunny clime like California’s, enough sunshine is never enough. That’s where convertible chop-shops like Newport Convertible Engineering step in. The folks at NCE will take just about any automobile and turn it into a custom cabrio to a buyer’s specifications. The company’s portfolio includes recent conversions of a Dodge Challenger, Toyota Prius, Cadillac CTS, Hummer H2, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and this Mercedes-Benz CL AMG. Unfortunately, from the photos seen here, the soft top doesn’t seem to collapse quite flush with the rear deck, leaving something to be desired in terms of aesthetics – to say nothing of rearward visibility. Here’s hoping there’s a snug-fitting cover lurking in whatever trunkspace remains.
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[Source: NCE via CarScoop]

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Californian coachbuilder offers Mercedes CL convertible conversion

Newport Convertible Engineering offers four-door and SUV convertible conversions as well
Newport Convertible Engineering offers four-door and SUV convertible conversions as well
Mercedes Benz has hinted at the development of a convertible version of its CL flagship as far back as 2007 but still today there is no such model in the automaker’s lineup. Customers tired of waiting can still purchase a CL Cabrio thanks to the guys at California’s Newport Convertible Engineering, which offers a customized CL with its steel roof replaced by an automated folding soft-top.
Making a convertible out of a hardtop involves much more than chopping off the steel roof and designing a folding mechanism for the cloth top. Removing the steel top robs a car of a tremendous amount of structural rigidity that must be restored before the resulting soft-top can be deemed drivable. Every convertible built by the Californian coachbuilder includes significant structural upgrades to ensure the cars are equal to factory-built convertibles in terms of rigidity and roadworthiness.
Admittedly, the custom CL Cabrio looks rather stylish and would no doubt stand out from the crowd in any suburban district. Pricing for standard two-door convertible conversions typically run up into the six figure sums.
Some of the other extreme convertible makeovers offered by Newport Convertible Engineering include a Maybach 57 four-door convertible, and drop-top versions of the Cadillac Escalade and Toyota Prius.
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