Mercedes G63 Mega

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Armored Maybach
November 27, 2016
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November 27, 2016
Mercedes G63 Mega

Newport Convertible Engineering will Design and Engineer your Mercedes G63 to a Mercedes G63 Mega. NCE’s Edition.

Mercedes G63 Mega

            Mercedes G63 Mega

Even in a world with no shortage of ridiculousness, the Mercedes G Mega by Mega, a three-ton military vehicle crammed to overflowing with a 621-hp V-12 and quilted leather, stands tall as an exemplar of absurdity.
Give Mercedes its due for this accomplishment. What other entity could muster the resolve to produce a consumer product quite so insane? If Chrysler decided to cram a Hellcat V-8 into the nose of a Wrangler, well, that might come close. But even Chrysler, which once produced the Plymouth Prowler, isn’t quite that nuts. The other car companies aren’t even in the game.
In fact, the Mercedes G Mega only real competition for the title of “Most Absurd of All the Vehicles” are other versions of the G-class. G 2 door, G long base and g63 6X6 , anyone?Bizarre as this stick-axle, flat-windshield nuclear brick may be, it is a vehicle that does actually exist, one that has been for sale in other markets (notably China, the Middle East, and Russia) for a few years already. There are hundreds of these things elephant-dancing around the world right now. It has proven relatively popular where sold, even if sometimes it appeals to those for whom traffic is an inconvenience as well as an occupation. Somehow, it’s only now that America’s Centurion Card superusers are getting the chance to plop down a probably depressingly small amount of their wealth on this, the most exclusive Mercedes troop carrier.
We’ll leave it to your aesthetic leanings to decide whether the “highly polished” 21-inch wheels are tasteful. They are wrapped with 295/40 Continental Cross Contact ultra-high-performance all-season tires. These might be simultaneously the most overstressed and under stressed tires on any passenger vehicle in the world.

Mercedes g63 mega

Mercedes-Benz has at finally dropped with an outstanding features ever. The machine puts 544 power to every one of the six wheels on account of a Twin-turbo charged 5.5-liter V8. A seven-speed gearbox transports energy to the ground using three arrangements of entryway axles, which gives this machine an entire 15.75 inches of ground freedom. By examination, the standard G63 AMG sits with only 8.27 inches of ground freedom. The additional lift permits this 6×6 to portage about 40 inches of water and run large 37-creep tires. Everything considered, there are five differential bolts on this thing, all controlled by an exceptional “locking rationale” that gives an ideal footing to any given circumstance.

Specialized highlight: the portal axles

Recently produced for a wide assortment of uses, the entry shafts which have been added to the Mercedes-Benz rough terrain portfolio are the absolute specialized highlight of the show vehicle. Not at all like customary unbending axles, where the wheels are focused on the pivot of the pole, the wheels of the entrance hub are fundamentally lower because of the entryway adapts on the center heads. Therefore, the ground freedom of the G 63 AMG 6×6 is expanded to 460 millimeters (arrangement creation G-Class: 210 millimeters) and the folding profundity – or possibly it would be more precise to say jumping profundity – is expanded to 1000 millimeters.
This outline has facilitated significant advantages which get rid of the requirement for developing adjustment measures. As the position of the axles on the frame stays unaltered, so too do the suspension haven focuses, the directing Association and the position of the prop shafts. Moreover, the gateway design decrease proportion makes up for the colossal moving circuit of the 37-crawl tires so that the apparatus dimensions, speedometer drive, and ABS sensors likewise stay unaltered. An extra advantage of the lessening proportion connected by the entry riggings is that the drive torque is just linked to the wheels themselves with the outcome that the mechanical loads on the drive prepare – particularly the drive shafts – are decreased.

V8 bi-turbo from power experts Mercedes AMG

A significant part of the credit for the unrivaled execution of the G 63 AMG 6×6 is expected to the AMG V8 motor and the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC programmed transmission. The AMG 5.5-liter V8 bi-turbo engine builds up a pinnacle yield of 400 kW (544 hp) and 760-newton meters of torque. Known in-house by the assignment M 157, the motor awes with its mechanical highlights. The more prominent thermodynamic productivity which comes about because of the blend of twin turbochargers, coordinate petrol infusion and splash guided ignition permits better mileage and prompts to lower debilitate emanations. Quick and exact piezo-electric injectors shower the fuel into the burning chambers, guaranteeing an exceptionally fine dispersion all through the air in the ignition chamber.
An electric low-weight pump conveys the fuel from the tank to a high-weight pump in the motor compartment at a weight of six bars. The fuel pressure in the high-weight rail is controlled somewhere around 100 and 200 bars on a complete factor and request related premise, guaranteeing a quick reaction in any driving circumstance. Assist highlights of the imaginative and one of a kind eight-chamber power plant from AMG in Affalterbach incorporate an all-aluminum crankcase, four valves for each barrel with camshaft modification, air/water inter cooling and alternator administration.
Any questions about the demonstrate vehicle’s capacity to talk straightforwardly to the feelings are immediately dissipated by a gander at the AMG sports debilitate framework: twin tailpipes in front of the back wheels on both sides put out the trademark AMG eight-barrel sound.

Quicker moving with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC

The productivity of the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC programmed transmission framework is further improved with another mileage converter with a diffusive pendulum, grinding decreasing direction and transmission oil warm administration.
The Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6 close arrangement demonstrate vehicle unites the best of three universes. The most recent, reexamined G-Class arrangement creation models loan the prevalent wilderness romper the actual prevalence and refinement of a vehicle which has overwhelmed the rough terrain scene for a long time. They are likewise the wellspring of the a la mode inside idea with the contemporary dashboard highlighting great new instruments and an extensive, focal shading show. Open power and also reasonableness and a can-do state of mind to rough terrain driving are the qualities acquired from the military and the business G-Class models. Finally, the eminent Mercedes-AMG extravagance and execution division contributes the predominant motor innovation and the inside which is as rich as it is agreeable.

Free and unbiased: the frame

The body is to a great extent in light of the present generation design, the main contrast being that the helical springs and dampers have been acclimated to assess the changing qualities of the three-pivot show. For the springs, as well, the designers could draw on the significant cluster of “G” parts, which incorporates no under 15 distinctive spring rates. While the front pivot assumes control over the strengthened springs from a heavily clad exceptional insurance variation, the primary back hub has been given a fundamentally harder spring rate and the second back center a gentler one. This set-up, together with the rally demonstrated, customization gas-weight safeguards, brings about an advantageous immaculate interaction of lively dynamism and made solace, on or off the street.

Macho exterior – S-Class inside

Outwardly, the G 63 AMG 6×6 pickup rules out any uncertainty as to its real calling. The large tires on the three axles, the immense ground leeway, the tallness of just about 2.30 meters and the width of somewhere in the range of 2.10 meters and the neat and tidy lines of the pickup promptly move regard. Like the G 63 AMG and G 65 AMG models before it, the super rough terrain driver with its 5.87-meter-long body has the trademark AMG mark confront with the “twin sharp edge” radiator grille. Other visual highlights incorporate the utilization of fine carbon fiber for the coordinated LED light strips over the windscreen and also for the large flared wheel curves while the back load zone area has a particular stainless-steel move over the bar. The heap territory, which is fixed with unusually robust and sturdy bamboo, can be gotten to by method for a tailboard.
Lively extravagance, the sign of AMG, is the characterizing normal for the inside. The G 63 AMG 6×6 respects its inhabitants on board with a selective climate of high red or light chestnut design cowhide with differentiating topstitching and appealing jewel design knitting. The four electrically adjustable individual seats are warmed and ventilated.

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