Nissan Patrol Convertible

Limo Convertible
Limo Convertible
November 10, 2016
BMW X6 Convertible
November 12, 2016
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Newport Convertible Engineering – NCE will Design and Engineer your Nissan Patrol to a  Power top Nissan Patrol 4 door and
6 door convertible, Hunting  Edition.Newport Convertible Engineering is the first US coach builder that designs,
engineers Nissan Patrol Convertible throughout the world.
Nissan Patrol Convertible

Nissan Patrol Convertible Specification:

Newport Convertible Engineering is the first US coach builder that designs, engineers Nissan Patrol Convertible throughout the world.
Newport convertible Engineering is an original design manufacturer(ODM) that designs and manufactures convertible
tops on all brands of automobiles, NCE also  has been recognized for their original top design
specially on Nissan Patrol  convertible.
Newport Convertible Engineering with over 30 years experience in design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of convertible vehicles, has grown to become a world leader in the automotive industry. With our extensive in-house capability, we can support for a wide variety of projects, ranging from Concept to complete convertible vehicle development and building a Nissan Patrol Convertible.
Our team of experienced professionals is recognized for meeting aggressive timing objectives, and delivering the highest
quality of service required for long-term Customer relationships.


Newport Convertible Engineering is world renowned as the leader in the industry of an original design manufacturer(ODM) of
convertible vehicle such as Nissan Patrol Convertible. Newport Convertible Engineering dominates the industry in cost,
timing and quality.
Our engineering team has the depth and diversity of experience needed to deliver large programs as well as smaller based projects.
Newport Convertible Engineering provides unmatched capability and experience in the build of Concept, Prototype,
Exhibition Show and low-volume production programs on convertible vehicles.
Over the past 30 years we have acquired a deep understanding and capability in the integration and build of complete
convertible vehicle roof systems. We have a rich history of providing design, engineering and build services to many
OEM Authorized Dealers in the automotive.

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