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February 2, 2015
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Newport Convertible Engineering will have a Press Release!

NCE will start limited production of Chrysler 300 convertible in May 2012!                                                                Distribution would be through selected Chrysler dealership, worldwide.

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NCE Receives 100 Orders for Tesla Model S Convertible

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 9:19 by 

Tesla Model S Convertible 1 600x307 at NCE Receives 100 Orders for Tesla Model S Convertible

Newport Convertible Engineering started out in this business chopping off the roof of SUVs like Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne. They gained a name for themselves due to the utter horridness of their products. These days, however, they are more focused on projects that make a bit of sense, and it shows in the number of orders they are receiving.

The American firm announced they have received 100 orders for their finest creation yet, the Tesla Model S Convertible. And they are all placed by the same customer! There is, apparently, a Chinese gentleman who thinks there is a market for the drop-top Tesla, and he wants to dominate it. In his defense, NCE has done a good job of turning the Model S into an open-top car.

Tesla Model S Convertible 2 600x221 at NCE Receives 100 Orders for Tesla Model S Convertible

Turning a four-door, four-seater into a convertible is a challenge both in terms of design and structure. They are too long and have too many pillars, and they usually end up looking quite dreadful. We’re not sure about the structural rigidity of NCE Model S Cabrio, but it sure is easy on the eyes.

Tesla Model S Convertible 3 600x221 at NCE Receives 100 Orders for Tesla Model S Convertible

Tesla Model S Convertible by NCE is quite a pricey proposition, as the conversion alone costs $29,000. That is if you want a soft-top. NCE can also supplies a removable hardtop, but that will set you back nearly 50 grand. The production of the 100 convertibles will soon get underway at NCE’s headquarters.

Let’s say you love everything about the Tesla Model S except its static roof. Well, Newport Convertible Engineering wants to help fix that. The aftermarket company has announced that it’s received an order for 100 of its new droptop conversions from a Chinese investor, and tells Autoblog that it’s reached out to Tesla to put an additional 5,000 units into production to help meet expected demand. The conversion kit isn’t cheap, however. A soft-top convertible will run you $29,000 and, if you’d prefer a rigid version, that’ll be $49,000. You still have to supply your own Model S, too. But hey, $100,000 (or more) is a small price to pay for having the possibly greenest — and safest — rag-top on the road, right?

The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller


Tesla Model S CONVERTIBLE arrives in time for summer

3:14 PM 04/15/2014

The world’s hottest-selling electric car just got cool upgrade just in time for summer thanks to Newport Convertible Engineering, which is offering both soft and hard-top convertible conversions for the Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S convertible NCE2Neither mod comes cheap, with the soft-top conversion priced at $29,000 and the hard-top for $49,000, but if you can swing even a base-Model S at more than $76,000, that might not be a huge deterrent.

Interested parties have to supply their own Model S, for which there’s been a lengthy waiting list since the car’s debut, but NCE recently announced it’s requested assistance from Tesla to pick up 5,000 units to meet demand.

According to NCE the company’s been working with Tesla directly to perfect the mod for the last six months, and an investor from China has already placed an order for 100 converted models. An official partnership announcement is expected Friday.

While the modification will no doubt be perfect for green freaks cruising the highway with mother nature’s breath in their hair, performance nuts beware – according to TechCrunch, such mods often require extensive body work resulting in extra weight, which could put a bit of a drag on Tesla’s notable speed, acceleration, and significant battery-pack weight.

Production is slated to begin July 2014 at NCE locations in California, Dubai and Barcelona.

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Convertible Tesla Model S revealed by aftermarket tuner

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A California-based company that will build almost anything you ask of it has released renderings of a convertible Tesla Model S.

Newport Convertible Engineering, which has taken the top off everything from a Range Rover to a Mercedes S-Class, says it has taken a number of orders for a convertible Tesla Model S, including 100 from a single Chinese investor, reports Car Scoops.

Two versions of the modified electric sedan will be offered. A fabric soft-top is set to cost $29,000 while a hard tonneau cover will command $49,000. Given the base 60kWh Model S’ price tag of $63,570, those wanting a convertible version will have to pay at least $90,000.

“Newport Convertible Engineering has officially requested Tesla Motors in a joint effort to build another 5000 Tesla Model S convertible for a worldwide demand. [An] Announcement will be made in April 18 2014,” said NCE.

It is difficult to say whether Tesla will acquiesce to a collaboration, as it values the Model S’impeccable safety record highly and won’t risk compromising it. The Palo Alto automaker’s flagship vehicle even broke the device used for measuring ‘roof crush’ during NHTSA safety tests last year – a boast that any convertible version of the car would lack.

There is clearly demand to for such a car, however, and it would add yet another class-leading string to Tesla’s bow as there are currently no electric convertible vehicles on sale.

NCE anticipates such high demand that it has requested 5,000 examples of the Model S from Tesla. Work is due to begin in July with the necessary modifications undertaken in California, Dubai, and Barcelona.

This isn’t NCE’s first foray into electric cars. The tuner recently unveiled plans to modify the new Cadillac ELR Range Extender. With a starting price of $75,000 for the donor car, however, ELR Convertibles are likely to be few and far between.

  •  NCE Receives 100 Convert…

NCE Receives 100 Convertible Tesla Model S Orders; Looking For Tesla Collab

NCE Claims to Have Received 100 Convertible Tesla Model S Orders

When we look at it, the last thing we think about is wanting a convertible version of the Tesla Model S. After all, how many convertible sedans are out there. Nevertheless, Newport Convertible Engineering reports that it has received 100 orders for Model Ss to have their roofs cut off. Amazingly, all 100 orders have come from a single Chinese investor.

Newport Convertible Engineering claims that it took six months to develop the convertible Tesla Model S and plans on putting it into production in July this year. It will be made in California, Dubai and Barcelona. Interestingly, it isn’t yet known of NCE will simply convert Model Ss from these regions into convertibles or if it will buy 100 examples from Tesla themselves and then begin the conversions.

However, NCE has confirmed that it is looking for Tesla Motors to join it in creating 5,000 Tesla Model S Convertibles “for a worldwide demand”. A complete announcement is set for April 18th.

Newport Convertible Engineering will offer two convertible variants of the Model S. The first, set to cost around $29,000 will feature a traditional soft top while a hardtop convertible variant will also be made available for $49,000.

It is unclear if Newport Convertible Engineering has actually created any Model S Convertibles just yet but expect to see the first in coming months!


Tesla Motors Inc Model S Convertible Demand Rising


NCE, which offers a convertible version of Tesla’s Model S, confirms the order of 100 units from a Chinese investor

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model S convertible version is in high demand, so it’s too bad the company does not offer one. Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE), which offers a convertible Tesla Model S, claims to have received huge pre-orders for the version. NCE stated that it received an order of 100 Tesla Motors convertibles from an investor in China, says a report from Carscoops.

NCE orders for 5000 Model S

The firm is popular for delivering convertibles, and has already asked Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) to deliver around 5,000 units of the Model S.

Newport Convertible Engineering has officially requested Tesla Motors in a joint effort to build another 5,000 Tesla Model S convertible for a worldwide demand. Announcement will be made in April 18 2014,” said the California-based aftermarket convertible specialist.

NCE is gearing up to start working on the Tesla Model S convertibles from this July. All 100 convertible Model S units will be delivered in China. The process of conversion will take place in 3 NCE sites, including California, Dubai and Barcelona. NCE has decided to offer two variants of a convertible Tesla Model S: a rag top conversion priced at $29,000 and a Hard tonneau cover conversion priced at $49,000, on top of the cost of the Tesla Model S.

To date, NCE has not showcased any conversion models and the images doing the rounds on the web are Photoshopped ones.

Tesla outperforms in Norway

Separately, the Wall Street Journal reported last week that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has broken all the records set by any electric car in Norway. According to the report, Tesla sold 1,493 Model S vehicles in March. The number seems to be small, but considering that Norway is a sparsely populated country with just under 5 million people, the sales number is impressive.

Nissan sold a total of 484 Leafs in February compared to the Volkswagen Golf, which garnered a sales number of 555 units.  Golf clinched the second position in March with a total of 624 deliveries.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) broke the record set by Ford back in 1986. Ford sold 1,454 units of its Sierra Sedan, the marque midsize offering in Europe at the time.  Tesla Motors has a total of four dealerships in Norway. The car maker is trying to generate profits by selling more cars in the country. In Norway, over the past couple of months, electric vehicles have outperformed other cars in sales.

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100 Tesla Model S Convertibles Ordered By Chinese Investor

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There isn’t yet a convertible version of the Tesla Model S, but Newport Convertible Engineering will turn your Tesla into a droptop for $29,000. And according to NCE, a wealthy Chinese investor has ordered 100 Model S convertibles, lending credence to Elon Musk’s claim that China could becomeTesla’s biggest market.

Newport Convertible Engineering is no stranger to hybrids, offering convertible versions of just about every car on the market, including the Cadillac ELR. But taking a Tesla and chopping off the roof is an entirely different story, and it took NCE six months to develop soft top ($29,900) and hardtop ($49,900) versions of the Tesla Model S. Keep in mind that is in addition to the cost of a Model S, which starts at $70,000 in America but $121,000 in China.

So far, Tesla hasn’t offered any variant on the Model S besides the sedan, though renderings of a coupe have caused quite a stir on the internet. If you want a Tesla convertible, your only option is the out-of-production Tesla Roadster. However, NCE claims to have orders for 100 of their droptop conversions from China, where the first Tesla store has also become the busiest in the world. Renewed interest in EVs in China has orders are reportedly pouring for companies like BYD, and there is obviously a demand for convertible models as well.

This has NCE calling on Tesla to join them in producing some 5,000 Tesla convertibles to meet demand, though Musk hasn’t mentioned anything of the sort. NCE is saying a big announcement will be coming on April 18th though, which happens to be the opening day of the New York Auto Show. Perhaps we’ll get more than just photoshopped images of a Tesla Model S convertible, though this is perhaps the best argument for a two-door variant.

Source: Newport Convertible Engineering | Carscoops

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