Range Rover Convertible

Lexus LX 570 Convertible
November 15, 2016
Range Rover 2 door Convertible
November 17, 2016
Range Rover Convertible

Newport Convertible Engineering NCE will Design and Engineer your 4 door Range Rover Vogue/ Autobiography to a
Range Rover convertible
Luxurious Range Rover Convertible!

Range Rover Convertible

Queen Elizabeth Custom Convertible

Range Rover Convertible

Range Rover Convertible
By David Parker

Newport Convertible engineering is currently the only US coach builder that designs, engineers and distributes the
Range Rover Convertibles throughout the world.

By Jonathon Ramsey
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The idea of a convertible SUVs remains attractive enough that manufacturers are still trying to figure out how to make it work –
case in point, we recently heard that Range Rover continues to debate production of the Evoque convertible.
On that note, the folks at Newport Convertible Engineering, lately of Acura TL convertible fame, have given us a look at
what a the Range Rover Autobiography looks like with its top removed Range Rover Convertible.

It still looks like one of the nicest ways to see lions, tigers and bears from a safe distance, or take a tour of the
Champs-Elysée or Tokyo’s Ginza district.
Range Rover Convertible
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NCE Makes a Convertible of……… Range Rover Convertible

Range Rover Convertible

If you’re in the market for a convertible Range Rover, you don’t necessarily need to wait for Land Rover to make up its mind
about building the Evoque cabriolet.
The guys from Newport Convertible Engineering – which also recently converted the Acura TL into a drop-top –
can build you a convertible 2013 Range Rover.
If you remember the previous generation Range Rover that NCE converted into a cabriolet, then you know what to
expect from the current model as well.
The same type of work has been done to the new Range Rover, and the result can be seen in the photo gallery below.
NCE says it is the only U.S. coachbuilder that designs, engineers and distributes the Range Rover Convertible throughout the world.
The first 2013 Range Rover that received the NCE treatment is a Supercharged Autobiography model, with the company saying the car will be featured at upcoming auto shows.


Limited production of the Range Rover convertible will start in August 2013, with distribution to be done through selected
Land Rover dealerships worldwide.

By Dan Mihalascu
The luxury and performance leader
Newport Drops The Top On Its Range Rover Convertible

BY Jeff Glucker JEFF GLUCKER 4 1,801 views
Newport Convertible Engineering is known for taking fixed-roof machines and chopping them up to create convertible versions.
The company does it with pretty much every vehicle out there, and the results certainly vary.
One vehicle we wouldn’t expect them to apply the drop-top conversion to would be a luxury off-roader like the latest Range Rover.
We’re incorrect in that assumption because that’s exactly what the company has done. Ladies and gentleman, feast your eyes on the Range Rover Convertible AKA the Vogue.

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