Tesla Model S coupe

Tesla Model S coupe

Tesla Model S Coupe

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Tesla Model S Coupe

Newport Convertible Engineering will design and engineer your 4 door Tesla Model S to a Tesla Model S Coupe.

NCE’s first Green Coupe, Tesla Model S Coupe.


Newport Convertible Engineering INC                                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 05/18/14

Newport convertible Engineering proudly presentsEvolution of Tesla Model S next generation

Tesla Model S coupe and two door convertible the latest design by NCE

First 100 coupes Tesla Models S and first 100 two door convertible Tesla Model S have been pre ordered by Chinese investor

NCE will produce 600 Tesla Model S Coupe and 600 2 door convertible Tesla Model S worldwide in 3 locations. Production will start in fall 2014.

1)      NCE’s Headquarters, Huntington Beach, California. USA

2)      Barcelona, Spain.

3)      Dubai, UAE.

Newport convertible Engineering has been working on these projects since last year. Based on a four door Tesla Model S, Front doors will be extended for more comfort and ease. Two door convertible driving will be the ultimate green vehicle of our time.

NCE’s Chief Engineer graduated from University of Southern California (USC) School of Engineering. He acknowledges Tesla Model S chassis is one of best he has ever worked on. NCE’s additional structural design on the chassis promises that driving a Tesla Model S coupe or convertible will be the experience of a life time.

Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) was told that due to the present strain in production of Tesla Model S, Tesla Motors will not be able to provide 5000 units exclusively to NCE. NCE is encouraging its clients to order Tesla Model S directly from Tesla Motors as soon as possible and have their vehicles shipped to NCE’s headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA; or any of NCE’s branches in Barcelona, Spain and Dubai, UAE.



NCE to Build Tesla Model S Two-Door Coupe and Convertible Conversions [Photo Gallery]

Ever since Tesla Motors dropped the Roadster, the Palo Alto-based EV manufacturer’s range lacked a two-door model. But that’ll soon change thanks to the talented engineers from Newport Convertible Engineering.

For a number of decades now, the Californian tuner made its fame and fortune by hacking the roof off cars you wouldn’t have ever imagined in topless guise. Two conversions come to mind: the surprisingly dignified two-door Range Rover Convertible and a neat Porsche Panamera Convertible.

Earlier this year we’ve told you that NCE got 100 orders from a Chinese investor for a convertible version of the Tesla Model S four-door luxury electric sedan. With production slated to start two months from now, the company was so wonderstruck by the high volume order that it requested Tesla for a joint effort to build an extra 5,000 Model S drop-tops for future customers.

However, the recently found commercial success wasn’t enough to keep NCE at bay. As a matter of fact, engineers came up with an “less is more” evolution of the Tesla Model S Convertible conversion. Yup, you’ve guessed it – the four-door convertible sedan had two of its doors deleted. We admit, the new design won us over.

According to a manufacturer statement, “Newport Convertible Engineering has been working on these projects since last year. Based on a four-door Tesla Model S, front doors will be extended for more comfort and ease. Two-door convertible driving will be the ultimate green vehicle of our time.”

Just like its four-door sibling, the new conversion will be built Stateside, in Spain and the United Arab Emirates, with production starting this fall. The first batch will consist of 600 Tesla Model S Coupe conversions and 600 units of the Tesla Model S Coupe Convertible.

Excluding the donor vehicle, the two-door coupe conversion of the Tesla Model S retails at $35,000, while the two-door convertible’s price is $25,000 for the soft boot or $45,000 for the metal roof variant.

 Check out the Tesla Model S Two-Door Coupe/Convertible by NCE photo gallerySLA GREEN


Tesla Model S Two-Door Convertible by NCE
Tesla Model S Two-Door Coupe by NCE
Tesla Model S Convertible by NCE

Confirmed: NCE To Produce Tesla Model S Coupe, Convertible Model S

After months of rumors and long forum threads on fan sites, it’s official: from this fall, you’ll be able to buy the iconic Tesla Model S as a convertible drop top or a two-door coupe.

That’s the news from world-renowned body specialists Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE), which announced yesterday that it will offer the Tesla Model S in soft-top convertible, hard-top convertible, and two-door coupe variants.

Known for its bespoke coachwork skills, NCE has chopped the top off everything from a Toyota Prius and Ford Explorer to a Maybach Laudaulet and a Rolls Royce Phantom. Its bodywork skills aren’t limited to rag-tops either: in fact, the Californian-based company also offers a six-wheel drive AMG G63 6X6 and two-door convertible Range Rover among its list of built-to-order vehicles.

In its official press release announcing its latest addition to its ‘Green’ range of vehicles — which also includes a Cadillac ELR convertible — NCE said it had originally hoped to buy 5,000 vehicles direct from Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA], carrying out the conversions on brand-new vehicles and then selling them on as 2015 models. Due to high global demand for the Model S however, NCE says for now customers who want the conversions will have to order their cars first, then ship it to NCE for conversion.

Depending on what you’d like NCE to do with your Tesla Model S, prices range from $29,000 for turning a standard Model S sedan into a four-door soft-top convertible through to an massive $80,000 for converting it into a two-door hard boot convertible.

Unlike Tesla itself, which currently builds all Model S cars at its Fremont factory, the NCE conversion can be carried out at NCE facilities in Huntington Beach, California; Barcelona, Spain; or Dubai, UAE.

As with all NCE conversions, the its Tesla conversions come with the standard five-year warranty on all modifications and have been designed to ensure that the Model S retains as much its legendary five-star crash test rating as possible — although it is worth noting that however well designed, convertibles do pose additional safety risks in certain types of accident due to the loss of a rigid roof structure.

Here at Transport Evolved, we’re not sure what we make of the concept of a two-door Tesla Convertible, especially when the original Model S sedan comes with an optional panoramic glass roof — but what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.

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2015 Tesla Model S Convertible Review And Price

2015 Tesla Model S Convertible Side

As soon as the Tesla Model S was delivered to the market many asked about wagon but also about convertible version of this vehicle. At this point we are pretty sure that Tesla Motors is not planning to deliver convertible but according to reports another company has prepared conversion kit for this highly popular electric vehicle.

2015 Tesla Model S Convertible ReviewAt the NCE or Newport Convertible Engineering we have people that are specialists in converting standard sedans and coupes into convertibles. They were responsible for many conversions and one of those was the Range Rover drop top, other models certainly had more interested and potential buyers. Similar will be with the Model S or which we do expect to see large number of interested buyers when the drop top version comes.

For the 2015 Tesla Model S we will be getting both soft and hard top conversions. This could be something that would further improve the market position of this highly popular EV. According to reports we could hear it seems that an investor from China already placed an order for 100 of these conversion kits.

2015 Tesla Model S Convertible Front

From the Al Zahed, CEO of the company we received announcement that for more than six months this company was working on delivery of these two versions. This amount of time was needed for successful conversion because it is not simple, it is not just roof cut off and that it needed reconstruction in some segments. These changes had to be delivered so that the vehicle would offer same structural integrity and that its chassis would offer same rigidity.

Price Of 2015 Tesla Model S Convertible

Prices are quite high. For a soft top conversion buyers will need to pay about $29,000 while the hard top conversion will cost about $49,000. On top of this every buyer will, off course, need to provide vehicle on which conversion will be done. First conversion kit will be offered from July and those will be available in Barcelona, California and Dubai.

Further we could hear that the Newport Convertible Engineering contacted Tesla Motors about the possibility to supply them with 5000 units of Model S vehicles for the conversion. This is the predicted demand but it will be interesting to see what will be the answer from Tesla Motors and if the demand of 5000 units will be at this level.

2015 Tesla Model S Convertible

Price of the 2015 Tesla Model S is pretty high but when we see the features list, specs, performances, luxury and comfort it is quite obvious that the price is quite similar with premium and luxury sedans from other car makers. If Tesla Motors decides to deliver convertible we are pretty sure that the price would be significantly lower.

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