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Zimmer Convertible
October 16, 2016
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October 17, 2016
Bentley Convertible

Newport Convertible Engineering-NCE will Design and Engineer your Bently 4 door  to a 4 door Bentley Convertible!
Luxurious 4 door Bentley Convertible by NCE.
Bentley Convertible  Bentley Convertible

Take in more of every spectacular journey, from the redesigned cabin of the 4 door Convertible by NCE – the ultimate expression of the open top grand tourer.
Speed is embedded in Bentley’s history. The name dates back to the Le Mans 24 Hour race-winning Speed Six. Then as now, the pursuit of performance was balanced by the quest for refinement.As the fastest convertible, the 4 door Convertible is a worthy successor. Drive it with the hood down and a new dimension is revealed. You’re no longer an observer of the passing landscape but a part of it, with every aspect of your journey amplified in the open air.
When it made its debut, 4 door Convertible was described as ‘the world’s most elegant 4 door convertible’. This 4 door convertible car showcases NCE’s ability to create a pinnacle convertible grand tourer, while embodying luxury beyond compare.
If you’re looking for an extremely luxurious driving experience then the 4 door Convertible by NCE is an excellent choice. While the Bentley may not look vastly different than it did a decade ago, it has received several updates that help it continue to rank amongst the best coupes on the planet.
From the driver seat, there is a clear distinction between the 4 door Convertible by NCE provides and its rivals. Few automakers can come close to offering the quality of the Bentley’s interior and even fewer competitors have such an extensive options list. Buyers can customize the stitching, upholstery, seats, neck warmers, carbon fiber and wood trim. You can even specify the placement and frequency of Bentley logos.
Bentley 4 door convertible stand-alone among other luxurious convertible.

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