Camaro Convertible

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September 27, 2016
Mitsubishi EVO Convertible
Mitsubishi EVO Convertible
September 29, 2016
Camaro Convertible

Newport Convertible Engineering – NCE will design and engineer your Camaro to a Camaro Convertible.
NCE is the original designer of  Camaro convertible!

Camaro Convertible


Camaro Convertible Specification And Features:

NCE has successfully completed the first Camaro Convertible.The assigned authorized dealer will be handling your orders. You may contact us for further information about Camaro Convertible. The vehicle will be featured at upcoming Auto Shows, Automotive Magazines and Websites.
Previously a base engine, the V-6 will be promoted as a mid-range offering in the upcoming convertible. Although it displaces the same 3.6 liters as its predecessor, the V-6 is actually new, having also received cylinder deactivation technology on top of many upgraded internals. Output now sits at 335 horsepower and 284 pound-feet, up 12 horses and six pound-feet over the previous model. These figures make it the most powerful naturally aspirated V-6 in this segment, putting it above the Mustang by a whopping 35 horsepower. It should make the Camaro faster too, at around 5.7 seconds from 0 to 60 mph.
In the transmission department, the coupe’s six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic will find their way into the convertible model as well.
There’s reason to believe the ZL1, not yet confirmed, but definitely in the pipeline, will continue as a convertible too. Moreover, with Chevy having already released the first-ever drop-top version of the Corvette Z06, there’s a possibility the track-prepped Z/28 will come with a soft-top as well.
The electro-hydraulic power roof system is also new, featuring a multilayer construction for a more comfortable and quiet driving experience.
Like the coupe, the convertible benefits from a stiffer, lighter structure that helps reduce weight by around 200 pounds compared to the model it replaces. As a result, Chevy claims the drop-top maintains the coupe’s performance-oriented chassis tuning and nimble ride.
Based on GM’s preliminary photos, the Camaro Convertible is one sexy summer ride. And I must confess that although I generally prefer coupes to drop-tops, the sixth-gen Camaro might just be the first pony I’d rather have with a canvas top.

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