Chrysler 300 Convertible

Hyundai Genesis Convertible
Hyundai Genesis Convertible
October 7, 2016
Charger Convertible
Charger Convertible
October 8, 2016
Chrysler 300 Convertible

Newport convertible Engineering – NCE will design and engineer your 4 door Chrysler 300 to a  4 door power top Chrysler 300 convertible!
Chrysler 300 Convertible, a 4 door convertible by NCE

Chrysler 300 Convertible

By Gavin  Drake
 Chrysler 300 Convertible Features:

The only known cure for a post-Specialty Equipment Market Association soiree hangover is to talk about SEMA for as long as possible. That’s why we drove to NCE in California, to pilot a stylin’ black Chrysler 300 convertible that was out in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the SEMA show.
NCE started making Datsun Zs into convertibles in 1983 and has chopped the tops off more than 1000 cars since. NSC strengthens the A- and B-pillars and rocker panels, and adds a basket roll-hoop as well as reinforcement behind the rear seat. The company did it right, as a short drive over Placentia’s toughest speed bumps produced no shimmies.
The top of the Chrysler 300 convertible consists of three layers; in descending order: German canvas, 3/4 foam, nice headliner material. Top up, the ride is quiet as a production convertible. The hydraulically/electrically operated top functions smoothly with one button, and the headliner releases with two latches.
The Chrysler convertible  just keeps making comebacks. A proud and prestigious vehicle during the 1950s, the Chrysler 300 convertible  fell into anonymity during the ’60s and then disappeared from the automotive landscape for more than 30 years. For the mid-2000s, though, Chrysler introduced its new 300, and it represented a bold new direction for the brand and Newport Convertible Engineering – NCE reinvented the Chrysler Convertible.
The NCE’s Chrysler convertible was an immediate hit thanks to its retro-inspired styling, powerful V8 engines, rear-wheel drive and refined road manners. Consumer interest did start to wane after a few years, but Newport Convertible Engineering – NCE is going for another comeback this year with a redesigned Chrysler convertible that features a more powerful base V6 and a higher-quality interior. Overall, we like the Chrysler 300 convertible and find it to be a solid pick for a new or used 4 door Chrysler 300 convertible.

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