DB AR1 Convertible

Range Rover 2 door convertible S
November 4, 2016
Vanquish Convertible
Vanquish Convertible
November 6, 2016
DB AR1 Convertible

Newport Convertible Engineering-NCE will Design and Engineer your Aston Martin DB AR1 to a DB AR1 Convertible top.
NCE Custom Convertible Edition…

DB AR1 Convertible


DB AR1 Convertible

Due to homologation problems the DB7 Zagato was not offered to the US market.
To satisfy the demand created by the coupe a special ‘roadster’ version was styled by Zagato,
using the standard DB7 Volante chassis to overcome type approval issues.
Called the ‘DB American Roadster 1’ (DB AR1) the open model was built after the coupe and in fact final
assembly was completed at the new Gaydon plant alongside the first DB9’s.
Unlike the coupe the DB AR1 convertible used the standard 6.0litre V12 from the DB7 Vantage with
Touchtronic transmission.
Styling was very similar to the DB7 Zagato with the same large grille and twin cowls
behind the front seats tapering into the trunk lid, echoing the design cues of the
‘double bubble’ roof design from the coupe.


Designed with a sunnier climate in mind (the car was only available in the USA) the
AR1 had no roof or hood covering at all – just a simple rain cover to protect the leather interior
when parked but no worry thanks to
Newport Convertible Engineering  – NCE, that created a full functional convertible roof top.
Special preview events were held to launch both Zagato derivatives. In London invited guests were shown the
DB7 Zagato at a special reception held at Gieves and Hawkes, in Savile Row.The DB AR1 was shown at the
Los Angeles Auto Show, before being moved by road to a gallery in New York.
All 99 cars of both models were quickly sold following these exclusive viewings.
The DB AR1 convertible by NCE was shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show, it was a big hit among auto enthusiasts.

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