Glass Certification

Steel Certification
September 27, 2016
ISO Certifications
September 27, 2016
Glass Certification!

Glass Certification, offering true multi-hit protection.
Premium interior comes with hard-spall layer to prevent fragments/shards from penetrating the passenger
compartment in the event of an attack.  All glass certification, features excellent
ballistic protection and superior optical quality with very minimal distortion.
Composite materials are traditionally regarded as materials that can save energy
in large structures associated with transport.

H.P. White Glass Report
H.P.White Glass Report(Page No:1)
H.P. White Glass Ballistics Resistance Test
H.P. White Glass Report (pg. 2)
Glass sample
Glass Sample After Testing

They are used to produce lightweight structures for fuel-efficient aircraft such as the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner;
lightweight cars from Lotus, Ferrari and TVR; and high-speed trains, speedboats, and racing yachts.
Now, however, some of the most interesting applications of composites are those where
the materials are used to save lives and protect property by
absorbing the energy of projectiles, impacts, and crashes.

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