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Hunting Vehicles
Hunting Vehicles
November 28, 2016
Toyota FJ Cruiser Convertible
November 28, 2016
Hardtop Convertibles

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Concept – Prototype – Exhibition Show – Niche Volume Creator.

NCE is a manufacturer of Original Design Manufacturing ODM of Convertible Vehicles for OEM Manufacturers and Authorized Dealers.
Today, NCE is a full service supplier, handling the overall responsibility for all functional units of the roof system along with designing and producing ODM convertible tops.
NCE’s ODM convertible tops represent the highest standards of automotive design, quality and craftsmanship. NCE creates unique convertibles unmatched in both luxury, elegance and detail.
NCE has a rich history of providing design, engineering and manufacturing to many OEM Authorized Dealers in the automotive industry. NCE has accumulated over 30 years of experience in design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of convertible vehicles, has grown to become a world leader in the automotive industry. With our extensive in-house capability, we can support for a wide variety of projects, ranging from Concept to complete convertible vehicle development and build.
Our team of experienced professionals is recognized for meeting aggressive timing objectives and delivering the highest quality of service required for long-term Customer relationships, OEM Manufacturers and Authorized Dealers.

Auto Manufacturing  Services

**** Durability Testing

1. Durable Convertible

To assure long-term durability, the convertible top at NCE undergoes extensive testing during development, being opened and closed more than 9500 times. Some of those cycles were performed in extreme conditions; temperatures ranging from minus -22° F to 170° F and humidity of up to 95 per cent. And an eight-minute water test consist of almost 7200 gallons of water are hurled at the car in a hurricane-like downpour at a pace of about 900 gallons per minute.
Every NCE Convertible undergoes a water test as it completes assembly.
Addressing another aspect of interior comfort, NCE’s Convertible three-layer top includes liner made of 3/4? foam sandwiched between a German twil weave cloth (topping made using polyester/acrylic blend surface cloth laminated with butyl rubber) outer fabric and an inner reinforcing cotton layer.
Engineers use a sophisticated human-ear mimicking device called the Aachen Head to measure noise levels. NCE’s Convertible achieves a better interior quietness acoustical rating than most other convertible in interior quietness.
For many of our clintes, NCE’s Convertible can be a collector car, something they might keep for generations. So we made sure the tops would retain their quality for a long time.

NCE is your resource to help validate designs and prove test components.
Test miles can be accumulated independently-operated test facilities, as well as on public roads surrounding NCE (The Center). Driving cycles can be duplicated or developed across the country for all terrains and climates.
NCE offers 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week operation for fast, safe accumulation of test miles…1,200 miles a day…72,000 miles in less than two months.

2. Corrosion Testing

NCE’s extensive proving ground offers complete corrosion testing. NCE can etch, corrode, deteriorate, wear and decay just about any exposed materials in open or semi-open systems. Depending on the materials and applications, a passenger car vehicle can be tested to simulate accelerated corrosion results equivalent to one year in as few as 14 days.

3. NVH Testing

NCE’s extensive proving grounds can provide experienced professional test engineers. The engineers perform noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) test modes to meet your vehicle’s testing needs in a timely, accurate and well-planned and organized manner.

The NVH surfaces at NCE can provide manufacturers an opportunity to evaluate their products on many levels. Test your products to European and ISO noise testing requirements, ride quality, ground contact, handling, and suspension responsiveness.

4. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Testing (FMVSS)

When you need to crash it, crush it, or stop it, NCE’s proving ground offers you a full range of FMVSS and vehicle certification testing. NCE provides well-planned and organized test services in an accurate and timely manner to meet the compliance testing needs of manufacturers and government agencies.

NCE’s professional staff conducts FMVSS and certification tests. Services offered include:

  • FMVSS (static and dynamic)
  • Crashworthiness Economic Commission of Europe (EEC, ECE)
  • Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS)
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHwA)
  • SAE International Organization for Standards (ISO)
  • California Air Resource Board (CARB)
  • Department of Energy/Environmental Protection Agency (DOE/EPA)
  • Military Specification (Mil Specs)
  • Type Approval Test Procedures (TRIAS)

    5. Facilities

    Facilities range from a Crash Test Laboratory to a 9,000-foot Skid Pad and Static Test Fixture Laboratory.

    Facilities range from the 7.5-mile High Speed Test Track, 50-acre Vehicle Dynamics Facility, numerous durability bump courses and a grueling 8-mile paved and gravel hilly course.

    4. Certifications

    NCE has the Japanese National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory (JNTSEL) certification to conduct testing for passenger car brakes (TRIAS 11-2-1994) and frontal crashes (TRIAS-47-1993). Manufacturers can contract to have NCE conduct their testing or contract with NCE to act on behalf of an official Japanese government witness for their in-house testing.

    **** Auto CAD

    We offer single source productivity to simplify the buying process and guarantee you have quality products, delivered on time. Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) is on the cutting edge of technology. All designs are fully modeled in 3D to verify that all components will fit together the way they are planned. Directly from our design software (SolidWorks) the models are converted to the industry standard IGES file type, this file can then be directly imported into the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Software to build the parts. By eliminating the errors commonly associated with manual translation we can deliver higher quality products in record time.


    **** Dynamic Testing

    Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) personnel, facilities and instrumentation provide you with the data you need to better understand your vehicle’s performance behavior.


    NCE safely accommodates your suspension, tire, brake and steering component testing. The facilities can be scheduled on a shared or exclusive basis and offer an ideal environment for dynamic comparison, development and performance testing.

    Vehicle Types

    • Passenger car
    • Light and heavy duty trucks
    • Construction equipment
    • Buses and recreational vehicles
    • Light trucks and vans
    • Motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles
    • Military vehicles
    • Agricultural vehicles
    • Multi-purpose vehicles

    Our staff is available to conduct tests or assist customer-run tests in a timely and accurate manner. Each project is well-planned and organized according to its unique test requirements. NCE’ professional staff is proficient at creating and securely installing ballast, safety equipment and data acquisition systems. Our experienced staff can provide subjective and objective analytical and human response data.


    Facilities range from Newport Convertible Engineering’ (the Center) 50-acre Vehicle Dynamics Facility, to our 1.5-mile Winding Road Course and our 1.75-mile Dynamic Handling Course.

    **** Emissions Laboratory

    Newport Convertible Engineering emissions service capabilities include exhaust and evaporative emissions testing within our 24,000 square foot emissions laboratory.

    The laboratory which is located in Building C on the grounds of Newport Convertible Engineering (the Center) Research Park. The Laboratory provides engine- and chassis dynamometer-based exhaust emissions and fuel economy testing, hydrocarbon speciation, and particulate measurement to any SAE, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), California Air Resource Board (CARB), or other industry standard.


    • Gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuel engines and vehicles
    • Light-duty vehicle, motorcycle and all-terrain vehicles
    • Lawn and garden utility to heavy duty diesel engine stand testing
    • Exhaust and evaporative emissions certification: EPA, Air Resources Board (ARB) and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
    • Fuel, additive , lubricant and aftermarket parts validation
    • Intake valve and port fuel injector deposit testing
    • Fuel blending, storage, and dispensing
    • Fuel and lubricant analysis
    • Fuel system component durability and fuel compatibility testing


    • Analytical and fuel analysis laboratories
      • Fuel and Emission Hydrocarbon (HC) Speciation via Liquid Chromatograph (LC) and Gas Chromatograph (GC) Analysis
      • Fuel Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) – American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) D1591 Gasoline and Diesel Distillation Curve – ASTM D86
      • Fuel Sulfur Concentration ASTM D5453
      • Fuel Gum Test – ASTM B381
    • Mileage Accumulation: 15-minute driving, 45-minute hot soak cycles = 335 miles/day
    • Periodic injector flow restriction measurement
    • Intake Valve Deposit (IVD) testing
    • CARB BMW 10,000-mile intake valve test = 900 miles a day
    • Road load coastdowns
    • All U.S. chassis emissions testing and most European and Japanese chassis emissions testing can be conducted at the Emissions Lab

      **** Impact Laboratory

      Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) (the Center) Impact Laboratory is a comprehensive vehicle safety development facility. Vehicle crashes, impact simulation, highway appurtenances, automotive component static testing, dummy and instrumentation calibration labs are located in this secure area of the Center. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing you with accurate, timely, and well-planned and organized services.

      Crash Barrier

      The enclosed crash barrier is capable of testing vehicles up to 10,000 lbs. at velocities up to 60 mph.

      Outdoor Impact Area

      The outdoor impact area is capable of impacting two moving vehicles at any angle at velocities up to 100 mph.

      Impact Simulator

      The powerful 24-in. Hyge pneumatic drive can carry a payload of 10,000 lbs. at 44 g’s, simulating a crash speed of 71 mph. Lighter payloads can be accelerated to velocities of 100 mph.

      Component Laboratory

      The static test laboratory features computer-controlled hydraulic cylinders positioned to apply and record loads at specified rate of force and displacement.

      Calibration Lab

      Calibration services are available for: accelerometers, load cells, pressure gauges and transducers, anthropomorphic test dummies, position transducers, electrical measuring instrument calibration, including digital multimeters and temperature meters, and torque wrenches.


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