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May 28, 2012
Porsche Panamera 4 door Convertible
May 28, 2012

NCE will Design and Engineer your Porsche Panamera to a Power top convertible!

NCE will Design and Engineer your Porsche Cayenne to a Power top convertible!


Roof Removing NCE’s Next Victim is the Porsche Cayenne

This is a growing trend, we just don’t understand how.
Call it a hunch but we have a gut feeling that the people over at Newport Convertible Engineering are big fans of convertibles. In July alone we reported the recent roof choppings for a Range Rover Sport and an Acura TL (we’re still trying to figure that last one out.) Although the Range Rover Sport’s transformation was not the most beautiful we have seen, it led NCE to receive an additional 47 orders for that particular model. That’s good business.
Roof Removing NCE's Next Victim is the Porsche Cayenne
NCE decided to expand on this niche by adding the Porsche Cayenne as the next SUV to be a part of their specialty service. The idea of a cabrio SUV is gaining ground mostly in part to theRange Rover Evoque convertible conceptthat was on display at Geneva last year and which also recently received the green light for production. Just in case you are not entirely sure that the roof change operation is not ugly enough for you, NCE threw in some truly hideous fake wood paneling on the doors and the hood of a first generation Cayenne in their picture gallery just so there won’t be any doubt left in your mind.
Roof Removing NCE's Next Victim is the Porsche Cayenne
Roof Removing NCE's Next Victim is the Porsche Cayenne
Roof Removing NCE's Next Victim is the Porsche Cayenne
Roof Removing NCE's Next Victim is the Porsche Cayenne
Roof Removing NCE's Next Victim is the Porsche Cayenne

by Ryan Lexer

Roof Removing NCE’s Next Victim is the Porsche Cayenne

– See more at: http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2013/7/28/Roof-Removing-NCE-s-Next-Victim-is-the-Porsche-Cayenne-7715500/#sthash.Q8caB2ZZ.dpuf

Porsche’s 2002 introduction of the Cayenne also marked the unveiling of a new production facility in Leipzig, Saxony, which once accounted for nearly half of Porsche’s annual output. In 2004, production of the 456 kilowatts (620 PS; 612 bhp) Carrera GT commenced in Leipzig, and at EUR 450,000 ($440,000 in the United States) it was the most expensive production model Porsche ever built.
In mid-2006, after years of the Boxster (and later the Cayenne) as the dominant Porsche in North America, the 911 regained its position as Porsche’s backbone in the region. The Cayenne and 911 have cycled as the top-selling model since. In Germany the 911 clearly outsells the Boxster/Cayman and Cayenne.
The headquarters and main factory are located in Zuffenhausen, a district in Stuttgart, but the Cayenne and Panamera models are manufactured in Leipzig, Germany, and parts for the SUV are also assembled in the Volkswagen Touareg factory in Bratislava, Slovakia.[49] Boxster and Cayman production was outsourced to Valmet Automotive in Finland from 1997 to 2011, and in 2012 production moved to Germany.
The current Porsche model range includes sports cars from the Boxster roadster to their most famous product, the 911. The Cayman is a hard top car similar to the Boxster. The Cayenne is Porsche’s mid-size luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV). A high performance luxury saloon/sedan, thePanamera, was launched in 2009.
According to CNBC, even an at-the-time questionable foray into the SUV market with the Cayenne in 2003, couldn’t damage Porsche credibility.[66] The Times journalist Andrew Frankel says on one level, it is the world’s best 4×4, on another, it is the cynical exploitation of a glorious brand that risks long-term damage to that brand’s very identity in the pursuit of easy money[67] with his verdict being “Great car, if only it wasn’t a Porsche”.[67] Despite the controversy faced by critics, the Cayenne has been a success, generating enough profit for the company to invest in and upgrade the existing model range, as well as fund the Panamera project.

Reports of a convertible variant of the Porsche Panamera have been floating around ever since the sedan was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2009. New reports suggest that the Porsche Panamera convertible will be available after 2015.
The better news is you don’t have to wait until 2015 or beyond because Thanks to Newport Convertible Engineering in California that makes Porsche Panamera convertible.
Newport Convertible Engineering is an original design manufacturer(ODM) that designs and engineers authentic convertible tops on all brands of automobiles. NCE has recieved world wide recognition for their original convertible designs, especially on Porsche convertibles.
According to 4wheelsnews, the convertible variant is still being mulled by Porsche. However, the vehicle will only materialize after the second generation of the Panamera is introduced in around 2015.
Nearly a year after the Panamera’s debut in 2009, the grapevine indicated that the company would bring out a convertible variant. Amidst subsequent reports that quashed such an idea, fresh patent applications in the U.S. were found that added fuel to the rumors of a Panamera convertible.
Autocar said it had obtained pictures that revealed a system that runs from a permanent fixed central roof section. The vehicle depicted had a four-door body sans the traditional B-pillar. Accordingly, the Panamera’s floorpan and bulkheads has been stiffened to “ensure sufficient structural rigidity and integrity.” Furthermore, the design of the car’s rear point to a roof with a fabric hood.
Also, the windscreen was shown to be modified with greater rake and gets additional supports within the small quarter windows low down on the A-pillar.
There are chances that the Porsche Panamera convertible will be equipped with the same V6 and V8 engines with power ranging from 300 bhp to 500 bhp.

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