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May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012

NCE will Design and Engineer your Scion IQ to a Power top convrtible!

NCE will Design and Engineer your Scion XB to a Power top convrtible!

Newport Convertible Engineering was the first US coach builder that designed, engineered and distributed limited Scion XB Convertibles throughout the world!

Newport Convertible Engineering is an original design manufacturer(ODM) that designs and engineers authentic convertible tops on all brands of automobiles. NCE has recieved world wide recognition for their original convertible designs, especially on Scion convertibles.

 2014 Scion FR-S Convertible

scion fr-s convertible picture

Now that the GT 86 has officially been revealed in all three of its versions – ToyotaScion, andSubaru – the car’s lead engineer, Tetsuya Tada, has confirmed that a convertible version will follow in the near future: “The GT 86 was designed from the outset that we can build it as a convertible.”

Considering the Coupe model isn’t even for sale yet – it will be available in Spring 2012 – we don’t expect to see the Convertible anytime before next year. When it does come out, it will be offered on the Japanese market first, as a Toyota GT 86 Convertible, and the markets in the rest of the world will then follow.

All the technology and the design language will be borrowed from the coupe, except that the rear seat area will most likely be dropped. Under the hood, we’ll see the same 2.0 liter, naturally-aspirated petrol engine with 200 HP.

Prices for the future Scion FR-S Convertible will probably stand at about $2000 above the Coupe model, so it should be anywhere above $30,000.

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