Toyota Land Cruiser Convertible

Challenger Convertible
Challenger Convertible
October 11, 2016
Toyota Prius Convertible
Toyota Prius Convertible
October 13, 2016
Toyota Land Cruiser Convertible

Newport Convertible Engineer – NCE will Design and Engineer your Toyota Land Cruiser to a Power Top Toyota Land Cruiser Convertible. NCE Edition!Newport Convertible Engineering – NCE will Design and Engineer your Toyota Land Cruiser to a Falcon Hunting Vehicle and Power top convertible, NCE EDITION.
Toyota Land Cruiser Convertible  Toyota Land Cruiser Convertible Specification And Features:

Over the years Toyota has changed the engines used in the J40 series. The B series motor is a 4-cylinder diesel, and the H series a 6-cylinder diesel. The diesel-engined trucks were never sold to the general public in the USA, though some found their way in as mine trucks. The engines are similar, within the series. For example, the F and 2F engines share many of the same parts. However the H and 2H engines have almost nothing in common. There are individual models within the engine series, for example, there is an F125 engine, and an F155 engine, all in the F series with different power ratings. Here is a list of some of them (the power and torque figures may vary depending on the market)

Engine Capacity (L) Power (hp) Torque
F 3.8 105/125 189 lb·ft (256 N·m)/209 lb·ft (283 N·m)
2F 4.2 135 210 lb·ft (285 N·m)
Engine Capacity (L) Power (hp) Torque
B 3.0 85 141 lb·ft (191 N·m)
2B 3.2 93 159 lb·ft (216 N·m)
3B 3.4 98 167 lb·ft (226 N·m)
H 3.6 90 151 lb·ft (205 N·m)
2H 4.0 105 177 lb·ft (240 N·m)
OM324 3.4 78 193 lb·ft (262 N·m)
OM314 3.8 85 235 lb·ft (319 N·m)
OM364 4.0 90 235 lb·ft (319 N·m)
14B 3.7 96 177 lb·ft (240 N·m)

While not legal in some countries, most J40 series vehicles could have their roof and doors removed. With a folding windshield this allowed for complete open-air experience.
The J40 Series also featured folding jump seats behind the passenger and drivers seats. These folding seats not only made carrying another 2 passengers possible, but also allowed for maximum cargo space, as opposed to the folding rear seat in the Jeep CJ series.
Original factory winches were driven directly from the transfer case (known as P.T.O. or power take off) powered by the engine. Later models had an optional electric winch.

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